The market value of the Fiat 124 sport coupe has risen considerably the past 10 years or so. This page will be dedicated in showing as many sold coupes as possible. The chart below is from The chart is 3 years old, so I need to get some recent selling prices and update it. If I have missed any cars sold in the past year or so please pass on the info to me.

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WOW, this pristine AC just sold in Switzerland for

12'500 Swiss Francs (about 12'000 USD) 20/08/10


69 AC sold on ebay USA for $13,977.00 24/06/10


72 BC $4,355.00 was the highest bid ebay USA reserve not met at $7100  20/06/10


72 BC Purchased on ebay USA in November of 2009 for $7,000 by John Kallestrad

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